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Bauer ... Ambassador !

Baïsap - Bauer ... Ambassador ! -
Free-lance newspaper cartoonist, Bauer collaborates in committed newspapers like Marianne , Le Progrès De Lyon or Le Courrier De Guadeloupe

He walks over the land, always a pencil behind his ear. From the festival of songs TaParole in Montreuil to the Rencontres De Chants Polyphoniques de Calvi in Corsica. And fixes on paper what comes alive under his eyes.

In black and white, he traces the backstage of the Cirque Plume, during the creation of the shows "Tempus Fugit" et "L’Atelier Du Peintre". He publishes two sketchbooks, "Au fil De La Plume" and "Trois Mois Parmi Les Plumes" - an illustration of the daily life of artists on stage and in their intimacy.

We are proud to count him among the Baïsap shirts collectors. He draws himself with the floral shirts he wears with panache on the real life. For our greatest happiness! He offers us regularly poetic and funny drawings, that showcase our shirts. Sketches that display our patterns, always with humor, derision and aesthetics.
An atypical and flamboyant ambassador... All what we like.
Thanks Bauer!

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